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ROKKOR nation,

It is with sad hearts that we announce the departure from ROKKOR of our lead singer, our brother in music, Mic Cervenka. Mic has decided to step back from the band commitments for now but don’t worry he is still going to continue his life’s passion of singing and performing sometime in the future and maybe we will meet again somewhere down the road. We wish Mic all the best with his future endeavors and will always be there to support him.

Don’t worry though, ROKKOR is in the process of auditioning new lead singers and currently have some promising prospects that have us really excited. We are looking forward to getting a new singer onboard and getting back out on the road as soon as possible. ROKKOR is committed to continue playing the music we love. 

Keep checking back for updates and gig dates.

Thanks for your continued support

Welcome to our site and thanks for visiting! Please feel free to browse around but don’t forget to sign the guestbook and let us know you were here.


ROKKOR is committed to playing your favorite classic rock songs just the way you remember them so you will always have a good time when you come see one of our shows because this is the music you love, so what are you waiting for? Come on out and see us at our next show!   


ROKKOR would like to give thanks to the following:


First and foremost we would like to thank our families for allowing us the time to make music and do what we love to do, next we would like to thank all the club owners and booking agents for providing a place for us to pursue our musical dreams, and finally we would also like to thank all our friends and fans for coming out and supporting us!


A big Thank You goes to Brendan Cole @ Mephisto Productions for all of his help with the band photography & graphic design work!


we would also like to thank Terry Murphy with RockHeart Photography for all of the great live pics.


Last but not least we would like to thank Joey DeMarco of United Talent Coordinators & Bob Cozza with JBC Bookings for getting us all of our great gigs.


Please bookmark this site and come back often to check for updates.


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