About us

Formed June 2010 ROKKOR is one of Illinois  Premier Classic Rock Cover Bands

Covering bands such as Led Zeppelin ◊ Stevie Ray Vaughan ◊ The Doors ◊ Black Sabbath ◊ AC / DC ◊ Jethro Tull ◊ Aerosmith ◊ Lynyrd Skynyrd ◊ The Beatles ◊ Creedence Clearwater  Revival ◊ Nazareth ◊ Grand Funk Railroad ◊ Kiss ◊ The Rolling Stones ◊ Jimi Hendrix ◊ ZZ Top ◊ UFO ◊ The Who ◊ Cream ◊ Badfinger ◊ Cheap Trick ◊ Deep Purple ◊ Alice Cooper ◊ Neil Young ◊ and an ever changing line up of many  others….

Come on out and see for yourselves why we are the premier classic rock cover band. We are committed to playing the classic songs just as you remember them.



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