Jerry Gore - Keyboards, Vocals,

     Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Tambourine

Jerry (aka Captain Jer) picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 and has been playing ever since. He's always been driven to keep playing thru the years as either a solo artist, with a band, or just to jam with some friends having fun.

His music passion comes from his father who played a variety of instruments and was also in a few bands back in the day. 

Along the way "Cap'n Jer" diversified his musical presence by picking up the keyboards and has been playing his Yamaha 76 for a couple of years now. There arn't too many instuments that he hasn't picked up over the years, and his enthusiasm is alive and kicking in ROKKOR. 

Some of his influences are: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, and countless other rockers of the 70's.

His past band credits include: Soundz, Legacy, and Street Jamz.

Jerry uses:

Yamaha Keyboards:

Jay Turser, Fender, & Peavey Guitars:

GL120, DFX212, Digitech RP6 Effects Pedals:

Marshall & Crate Amplifiers:

Shure SM58S Microphones:

Here are a few links to some of my favorite sites: 

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