Mic Cervenka - Lead Vocals


It wasn't until High School that Mic actually started cutting his teeth as a lead vocalist in his 1st real attempt in an actual band, that's when he got the "fever" and over the years he's always kept himself involved with some type of band project. Mic enjoys a wide variety of musical styles and prefers music that he's drawn into by its infectious melodic tendencies.

 Early on Mic remembers going to his Grandma Millie's house where she would repeatedly play the Meet The Beatles album, specifically the song "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

Soon after that he was mimicking Tommy James, singing and playing a fake guitar to his hit "Hanky Panky", during the KISS craze he was dressing up as Ace along with a couple of his friends and performing along to KISS albums.

Some of Mic's influences are:

Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, and Dean Martin before singers like Ian Gillan, Klaus Meine, and Robin Zander have not only made a hugh impact on his vocal technique but also his ongoing listening preferences over the years.

His past band credits include: Hangover, RMS, Full Access, Mojo, and Legends.


Mic uses:

Electro-Voice Microphones, Mogami XLR Cables, and Hercules Stands:

TC Helicon Vocal Processer:

Aloe, Inhaler, and Throat Lozenges:

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